So what one has to do secure a loan for his small movie business? The first & foremost criteria for securing a loan for your small business is to know every part of your business in & out. Sounds easy? But unfortunately not every business owners know his business properly. This helps in conveying your idea about what you want to do to the lending authorities clearly & without confusion. So plan properly before you go to the lending authority. Then have a clear idea about the cash flow projection. The lender will have to be convinced that you will be able to return the loan without defaulting on it. So you have to give him a clear idea about how well your business will do in the future & the amount of money you will be able to make from it. You may also need to give him details of your own personal financial status so that he gets a clear picture about where you stand financially in life. If you are asking for a loan in the middle of running a business then it is a good idea to carry your past business tax details with you. If you had taken loan in the future & have paid it in time then carry that statement with you. It will help you increase your chances of getting the loan by showing that you are a good man & not a crook. There are also certain things you will have to tell your potential lender. These information includes your collaterals, the amount you can invest from your own pocket & your expertise in the field. If you can do all these as said then your chances of getting your loan approved would be high.