You worry about a lot of things every day. Sometimes it is overwhelming but you cannot just abandon all the worry. You should know that worrying a lot is not healthy. When you feel like you are going to burst, you wish that you can have the peace of mind like Buddha. He renounced all the worldly things to achieve nirvana. However you cannot just renounce everything today especially if there are many people depending on you.

The good news is that you can have that peace of mind despite all the uncertainties and worries you feel. Here are the things that can help you achieve that peace of mind you’ve been dreaming about:

Change your heart

This means that letting go of the things you have no control over. One cause of suffering is your desiring of things to be different than they actually are. You should accept that sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want but if you change your heart, you will feel satisfied, calm and peaceful.

Appreciate yourself and others

You should make it a point to appreciate yourself and others around you. Noticing positive things in life and appreciating it can bring inner peace.

Check if you are having fun

Life is about having fun. If you are not having fun, stop whatever you are doing. If you feel happy and blissful, share it with your loved ones so your life will have meaningful experiences.


Take a deep breath when you encounter feelings of sadness, fear and anger.

Stop blaming and criticizing others

Blaming and criticizing others are full of negative vibes or energy. If you stop it, you will experience more peace and joy.

Move the body

If you are moving your body in unusual ways, you will have fun. As a result, undesirable thoughts will not appear for that moment. You can have peace and quiet no matter how short it is.