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July 18 , 2013 | | In: Blue Matia

Life’s Ultimate Goal: Peace of Mind

You worry about a lot of things every day. Sometimes it is overwhelming but you cannot just abandon all the worry. You should know that worrying a lot is not healthy. When you feel like you are going to burst, you wish that you can have the peace of mind like Buddha. He renounced all [...]

July 15 , 2013 | | In: Blue Matia

A Guide to Facing Adversities in Life

Problems come and go but there are others that persist if you don’t do something about it. You have to face all the adversities in life because it will make you stronger. Cliché but it is true. You cannot have a perfect life free of problems and if it will come, you have to deal [...]

July 11 , 2013 | | In: Blue Matia

When Faced with Serious Illness

When you know someone who is suffering from a serious illness, the thought will sadden you. How much more if you are involved to that person? It will surely shatter you but that person doesn’t want that. You have to remain calm and accept the things you cannot change so that he/she can leave in [...]

April 4 , 2013 | | In: Blue Matia

Top 5 Entertainment Apps for Google Chrome

What makes Google Chrome unique from other Web browsers? It shines with brilliant applications to offer different kinds of entertainment choices. Google Chrome Web browser has 3 types of add-ons, themes, extensions and Web application, all available at Chrome Web store. If you’re planning to add applications for your Chrome, here are 5 of the [...]

April 4 , 2013 | | In: Blue Matia

A Perfect Day in Brooklyn

Manhattan is to New York. Well that is for many first-time travellers to The Big Apple. However, if you are the kind of traveller who wants to explore beyond the familiar route, then Brooklyn is the place for you. Just a few subway stops across the river is an extraordinary world to behold. Start Your [...]

December 29 , 2010 | | In: Blue Matia

Blue Matia

A tribute to Daniel Craig, bluematia.com is about the British actor, who has won numerous accolades for his work. News sites such as bbc have featured his work before. Some movies which he has acted in include Quantum of Solace, where he acted as the world renowned James Bond. Many fan sites have been created [...]

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