Daniel Craig in his movies, always dealt with those who gave funds. If you are planning to set up your own small business then there are a lot of things you need to figure out. But the first & foremost thing that needs to be sorted out is the start-up capital for the business. Every businessman has to invest some money into his business to give it a kick start. The size of investment depends upon the size of business one is planning to develop. The amount of money corresponds to the size of the business, meaning if one is opening a large business then the size of investment would be large & vice versa. But in this article we will specifically focus on the small businesses. Money for businesses is provided by the banks & various other financial institutions. One can start a new business with loans from these organisations or one can use the loan to buy into an already existing business. But to get that loan one has to convince the lending agency about the soundness of his/her plans & that he/she would be able to return that loan in the future with interest. After all the financial institutions are investing money into businesses to make profit & not for charity.