Manhattan is to New York.

Well that is for many first-time travellers to The Big Apple. However, if you are the kind of traveller who wants to explore beyond the familiar route, then Brooklyn is the place for you. Just a few subway stops across the river is an extraordinary world to behold.

Start Your Day Right

At the Bedford Avenue you can find Teddy’s Bar & Grill, a joint that provides a sumptuous menu with laid-back dining experience. Don’t miss out on their French Toast Sandwich with ham and gruyere, and also their Eggs Guajillo. After filling your tummy with these sweet, salty, and spicy delights, you can burn off those calories by walking to East River State Park.

Spend Your Afternoon in Kent Avenue

Next stop is the Greenpoint Historic District. This district is one of the most underrated places in New York, and yet it is exuding with captivating charm. You will surely feel relaxed as you walk along its quiet streets full of trees, giving you an old-world European feel.

Another must-visit place is McCarren Park. It is one of the public parks in New York where people usually take a break, have a picnic, go biking, and play games such as kickball or baseball.

Nightlife in Brooklyn

You might want to spend the rest of the night at any of the two bowling alleys, Brooklyn Bowl or Gutter. Brooklyn Bowl and Gutter are open until 2am and 4am, respectively. There are also many bars where you can enjoy a glass or two of tequila.